Sandra Gin

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? – Mary Oliver

I began my yoga practice in 2008.  Practice is too strong of a word, however, since I only dabbled in Bikram yoga on and off for seven years.  It wasn’t until I discovered vinyasa yoga that I began to see yoga in a different light.  Suddenly, yoga wasn’t a means-to-an-end (a stronger, leaner body).  It became a gateway into a life of creativity and non-judgment; I knew that I had discovered something precious.

My training began in 2015 at YYoga in Vancouver with Kristen Campbell and Janet Corvino.  After one month of intensive study, I earned my 200-hour teacher training, and have been teaching ever since.

A native Vancouverite, I teach at several locations throughout the city.  During our sunny summers, I spend much of my time teaching outdoors at Kitsilano Beach or on my private rooftop.  My classes are a playful mixture of strength-building and soul-seeking, often incorporating arm balances or fun variations along the way.

I doubt I’d be able to eat (let alone pay my mortgage) if I only taught yoga in Vancouver.  I make a living by teaching high school English, but this also rarely feels like “work.”  Literature was my first love and I find great joy working with young people, nurturing their own journey with the written word.  I have a Master’s degree in English with a focus in Shakespearean drama.

When I’m not teaching literature or practicing yoga, I love exploring the world with my husband, our kids Everly and Rhett, and our dog, Lola.

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