Documenting the changes in my body and practice: the beginning of the second trimester

Lunging at Kits Beach on a glorious summer day

When my photographer friend Sam asked me if I was up for a yoga shoot this July, I sheepishly replied, “Only if you’re interested in shooting a prenatal one.  I totally understand if that doesn’t work for you!”  I wrongly assumed that he wouldn’t want to collaborate with me because my body had already changed a lot, and my yoga practice was slowly but surely becoming slower and less dramatic.

When he was super enthusiastic about the prospect, I had to give myself a pep talk.  I was nervous about what I’d wear (and what I could still fit into!) and if I’d be comfortable showing my growing belly.

Finding beautiful spots amongst nature in Vanier Park, Vancouver

I’ve always loved capturing my yoga practice in beautiful settings around the world.  But since becoming pregnant, I’ve posted far fewer pictures on my social accounts.  I know that it’s mostly because I’m self-conscious about my body, and I’m slowly working on embracing the massive changes that are occurring and trying to greet them with gratitude and excitement.  Every day that I get bigger means that Baby is growing more healthy!

Finding my foundation in Warrior II at one of my favourite beaches in the city

The last time I worked with Sam, there was snow in Vancouver and I nearly froze my toes off (and we only shot for one hour).  This shoot was the exact opposite, and it was only a matter of minutes before we were all drenched in sweat from the sun.  Nevertheless, I was so happy with how the shots turned out!

It has been very interesting (and a little frustrating) to witness the changes in my yoga practice.  I started losing the ability to do certain postures early on, particularly deep back bends.  But at around the 14-week mark, I realized that I couldn’t do all of my arm balances anymore because my belly was getting in the way of folding forward.  Each week, I feel like I’m letting go of another posture.  This bothered me a lot at first, but now I’m actually excited to re-learn them all over again after Baby arrives!

I still enjoy practicing inversions and will try to get upside-down at least once a day!
I always remind myself to be gentle on forward bends and to never push myself past about 60%
Some of my flexibility has remained unchanged, such as my hanumanasana (splits). I wonder when I will also lose it!

Overall, the journey to motherhood continues to bring newness and surprises almost everyday.  While it was initially hard to look at these pictures without thinking “Wow, I look huge!” I have already grown so much since this shoot and am almost at the halfway mark of my pregnancy.  I hope I can continue to look at this journey with pride and gratitude, and that I’ll be open to sharing more of this incredible process!

Thank you so much, Sam, for your talent in capturing these precious photos — the first ones of my pregnancy!  I will cherish them forever and can’t wait for the day when I can show them to my little one.  Namaste!

Wearing: Leggings by Arthletic Wear, Tank Top by Public Myth, and Sports Bra by RYU Apparel.  Mat by Warrior Mats.